packaging materials manufacturer

In southwestern Yunnan Innovation Group is the largest of BOPP, liquids and coil packaging materials manufacturer, now has annual sales of more than 1.3billion yuan, taxation exceeding 60 million Yuan and net profits of over 100million Yuan conglomerate. The production in Kowloon, Yuxi high-tech developmental zone area of the project for a new liquid beverage packagingindustrial park project, covering about 100 acres, with a total area of46,000 square meters, is expected to total investment of 284 million Yuan,when completed will produce 3 billion liquid beverages soft packagingmaterial, add annual sales of around 400 million Yuan, with a profit ofabout 35.05 million Yuan and taxes about 5.96 million Yuan.
Xiong Wei, Deputy General Manager of the Yunnan innovations group saidconstruction of the project will be completed within the main project, duefor completion in March 2015 commissioning towards officially put into operation in May of the same year.
High-tech zone, says Wu Boping, Director of the CMC, a new liquid beveragepackaging industrial park project is to accelerate the development of high-tech industry in our city, a key project to promote industrial restructuringand upgrading, Yuxi high-tech developmental zone is breakthroughs in new material industrial investment projects. The landing of the project started,Yuxi high-tech zone will speed up the construction of innovation system andactively cultivate new industries to inject new vigor, laying the Foundationto build the multi-billiondollar Park.
It is reported that in January-October this year, high-tech zone industrialoutput value of 50.83 billion yuan, an increase of 10.9%; abovescaleindustrial added value of 34.28 billion yuan, at comparable prices, up 12%;3.21 billion yuan in domestic funds in actual use, an increase of 42.6%.
High-Tech Zone Party Committee Secretary Sun Huiqiang presided over thegroundbreaking ceremony. Municipal science and Technology Bureau, theinformation Commission, the Municipal Finance Bureau, the municipal land and resources Bureau and municipal investment promotion Bureau, the municipaldevelopment and Reform Commission and other relevant departments andGovernment officials at a ceremony in hongta district.

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