Printing in packaging line industry

Printing in packaging line industry, nobody can accurately predict the futuredevelopment trends. Today, whether it‘s brand-name suppliers onenvironmental requirements, or changes in consumer demand is stimulatedpackaging innovations to delay progress. Although the packaging box withjust point of view still existed, but the packaging is undergoing subtlechanges in forms and production methods. Many packaging companies havestarted using digital printing technology, and some of the early companiesthis technology has been applied to daily production.
For product features
Development process from commercial printing, digital printing technologyfirst entered the field of packaging, but will eventually evolve into amainstream technology.
Commercial printing companies in the past as the current face of digitalprinting technology of packaging printing industry. No plate, preparationtime is short, live switch fast and can handle variable data printing andcolour of excellence makes this technology looks promising.
High adaptability are key factors in successfully occupied the commercialprinting market of digital printing technology. This advantage applies forthe packaging industry, in particular, deal with the distinct distinctionsof many kinds of printing materials, flexible packaging, cardboard, and thethree major areas of hard plastic can easily cope with. With the continuousprogress of digital printing technology and solutions currently on themarket can be successfully applied to areas such as film, plastic, foldingcarton and corrugated, while tissue treatment is better than traditionalflexographic printing machine.
Good for basic
Just like commercial printing digital printing technology has a large number of reliable companies were initially selected orders, now some early intodigital printing packaging enterprises are also beginning to see thebenefits. As this technology pervasive in packaging, it will be more obviousadvantages of digital printing technology, workflow and prepress systemequipped with performance more stable.
Compared to competitors with commercial printing, packaging line and printing enterprise in ten years ago already had mature, independent of technology.Design capacity, brand marketers now demand more complex and efficientproduct design, which creates conditions for the development of digitalprinting technology in packaging. Commercial printing companies need throughlong training of the sales team, then the customer may only be persuaded ofthe advantages of digital printing business.
At present, the long coil wrapping machine is still the choice of coil packaging line and printing field most businesses, but short version and quickly switch between digital packaging and other advantages of the opportunities have very clear.Meanwhile, flexo printing machine for long print version live offers theadvantages of high quality and high efficiency, thereby also established itsown role in the future development. And for many commercial coil packaging machine company, offset printing machine you need to have a large number of orders before they can operate, and profit margins are low, so to create new growth points for enterprises is relatively difficult.

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